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"Fantastic course so different to the usual type of courses. A mix of The Apprentice and Dragons Den with so more added and an academic award.

Diverse, different, innovative and inspiring

I would recommend it to all nurses, HVs and others who want to make a positive difference"

- Maggie (Cohort 1)

Nurse First

Our philosophy is that participants learn by doing real innovation in local communities and by reflecting on their personal experiences. Each module has broad themes but the detail of each session is tailored to the needs of the individual participants depending on the challenges that they are currently facing in their clinical role.

We also believe that participants' growth continues between the modules back in their organisations and we support this through individual coaching relationships. Coaches come from a variety of organisational backgrounds both inside and outside the NHS.

The first cohort of Nurse First participants brought in an average of £16,000 each of funding for their projects. The Business Plans demonstrated cash-releasing savings of an average of £1.2 million each.

Post-Graduate Diploma
The Nurse First programme has been accredited as a Post Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation, the first of its kind in the UK and in Europe. It is the first diploma which rewards participants for actually delivering a project, rather than writing essays. The programme assessment will be made on a personal reflection and a final presentation of the business plan and implementation for the Challenge Project.

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