Nurse image © Queen's Nursing Institute 2011

Vision of Nurse First CIC

Over the next few years we will grow a national movement producing over 300 Nurse First pioneers to join a growing alumni network. We will be running 13 programmes every year across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Nurse First CIC aims to increase the rate of change across all healthcare systems by increasing the impact that frontline staff can have. We help clinicians:

  • Make a difference to the care they provide
  • Learn how to improve services and lead change
  • Gain confidence in persuading managers and boards
  • Raise start-up funding and develop business cases for change

Nurse image © Queen's Nursing Institute 2011

This alumni network of hundreds of Nurse Firsters will not only produce innovative health services themselves but will also support other clinicians to create their own innovations. In this way, Nurse First will be a catalyst for creating innovations across the whole UK.