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Testimonials from current Nurse First participants

Pioneer programme

The course gives you “permission” to be creative, and to develop aspects of care in a manner you never normally would be allowed to. I came on the course with the intention of finding £1,000 to develop a local project, I am now looking at finding £25,000 for a national project – and feel more confident and able to this that when I was considering a smaller scale initiative.

Catherine Mitton, Clinical Nurse Specialist Complex Neurofibromatosis Type 1

I didn't really know what to expect when I started on the Nurse First Programme but one of the first things we were told was that it would completely change the way we think about the NHS. Initially I was dubious but I can honestly say that this course has helped me to appreciate how everybody can make a difference to patient care - we just need to be open to ideas as to how we can do things differently.

Tanya Milner, Primary Care Dietitian

Just a thought on what Nurse First has meant to me so far.
I feel the course has opened a whole new world of possibilities and presented opportunities I didn’t know were available to me, as a Practice Nurse working in Primary Care. I have gained so much from the course already even in this short time: developing skills and confidence, inspiration, ideas and motivation not only from the course leaders and speakers but from my group, each of who have something different to contribute and share, creating a greater sense of awareness and an understanding of what services are in place and how care is being provided (or not) within the community setting. I really love attending the course and know this is preparing me for a new role and pave the way for making a difference!

Vicki Newport, Nurse Practitioner

I applied to take the course because I wanted to challenge myself to see if it was possible to initiate a different way of working with people with chronic disease on the ground with other clinicians and find a way through the hierarchical NHS system to embed it in an organisation or a pathway. Its a bit like Mission Impossible without the guns!! But certainly very exciting.

Jane Cook, Clinical Advisor (Joint Community Access Point)

I applied to the Nurse First course because for the first time in 30 years of nursing there was a course that I wanted to do rather than had to do!
It's been liberating to meet like minded people who are creative thinkers and doers, patients and quality care are at the heart of any idea or development.
My hopes and ambitions are to take my idea from thought to reality and not go down numerous blind allies as I have in the past.

Anna Gibbins , Health Improvement Specialist Practitioner (Older People )

I applied for the course with the hope of expanding my knowledge and skills in developing new ideas; I did not think I had much of a chance of gaining a place and I felt valued when I was successful. So far the course has made me think about things in a different way and given me greater confidence. With this increased confidence I have discussed ideas with the Chief Executive, other Directors and our commissioners. I am now trying new things. Tthe course has opened up a whole new world and possibilities which I hadn't dreamed I was capable of before.
With new skills and increased confidence, I hope to increase the profile of District Nursing and help change services in my area, I also have ideas for future projects. My profile has increased and directors & managers are asking for my opinions. My career is changing and I am now on a secondment to a more senior position.
I plan to write an article for a journal, which I would not have done before. The support of the group is invaluable. This course is different to any other course I have done in my 30 year career. The course sets you on an emotional roller-coaster but is worth it.

Carole Roberson, District Nurse Team Leader

Totally shocked at being one of the chosen few selected for this course, so thank you. So nice to be with like minded individuals who just will not accept the status quo and work to improve patient care at all lengths! Course is challenging but rewarding and I have certainly picked up lots of knowledge and tips. I hope that this course will enable me to accept my deviance as the norm and encourage others to follow!

Debbie Quinn, Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse